Loire Valley: Outings with Children

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There are many outings that you can take with children in the Loire Valley. Some of the major attractions are listed below but full details can be found in our box of tourist information.

The Labyrinth Park

Giant maze constructed with corn and flowers over 2m high, frequented by fantasy artists and magicians.


ZooPark Beauval St Aignan, east of Tours (http://www.zoobeauval.com).

At Doué-La-Fontaine, just beyond Saumur, http://www.zoodoue.fr/start.php?lang=en.

Parc Mini-Chateaux

All the famous chateaux of the Loire fastidiously reproduced in miniature. Highly popular and only 40 minutes drive from our house. http://www.mini-chateaux.com/CHATEAUX/english.php

Aquarium de Touraine

Over 10,000 continental and tropical fish in Lussault-sur-Loire. http://www.mini-chateaux.com/AQUARIUM/english.php

Son et Lumiere Performances

Son et Lumiere performances take place at many of the chateaux of the Loire.

Parc du Futuroscope

Europe’s premier hightec experience, Parc du Futuroscope (http://www.futuroscope.com), is a 40 minute drive from La Chapelle.

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