Loire Valley: The Famous Châteaux

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The reason for visiting this area is undoubtedly to visit the many fine châteaux of the area which are world-famous. It is pointless simply listing them as the Michelin Green Guide, amongst others, tells everything you would want to know and such a guide is an essential part of your equipment.

However, experts have selected six châteaux as those you shouldn't miss:

Chateau d'Azay le Rideau Chateau de Chambord Chateau de Chaumont
chateau-azay-le-rideau.jpg chateau-de-chambord.jpg chateau-chaumont.jpg
Graceful turreted 16th century castle built on a lake. The grandest of all with over 350 chimneys. Drawbridged and turreted, well furnished in 16th century style.
Chateau de Chenonceau Chateau de Cheverny Chateau de Langeais
chateau-chenonceau.jpg chateau-cheverny.jpg chateau-langeais.jpg
Famous long gallery straddles the river. Formal park. Boats for hire. Still privately owned and lived in. 17th century Well preserved fortress with magnificent 15th century tapestries.

Perhaps it is just as much fun making your own list of discoveries as almost all the French nobility built themselves a château in this area during the 17th century as did the Royal family themselves.

At Chinon, Joan of Arc recognised the Dauphin. At Fontevrault Abbey lie the tombs of Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine and their son Richard the Lionheart. At Chenonceau, Catherine de Medici entertained Mary Stuart.

The houses and public buildings of this area are mostly built in a soft yellow stone with slate roofs which give the towns and villages their particular charm and character.

Distances from our house

Many of the famous Chateaux of the Loire are within easy reach of our house:

Amboise 40 minutes website
Bloise 40 minutes website (Wikipedia)
Chaumont 40 minutes website
Cheverny 50 minutes website
Chambord 60 minutes website
Chenonceau 60 minutes website
Villandry 60 minutest website
Azay le Rideau 90 minutes website
Loches 90 minutes website (Wikipedia)
Chinon 120 minutes website (Wikipedia)
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